Work and Travel New Zealand is next to Australia the absolutely popular for travellers from all over the world. The country offers a large diversity – exotic landscapes, gigantic glacial ice, never seen plants and exciting cities and people. This is only one of the reasons why young people like to travel to New Zealand before they entry into the workforce. During a stay abroad you can find out which career corresponds with your interest and beside you experience the feeling of freedom.

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With a Working Holiday Visa you have the possibility to travel around New Zealand and to finance your travel expenses partially or even completely by means of the income of occasional jobs. A big advantage is that you get work experience, you build up an international social network and you improve your english skills at work and with your new friends. The m³-sprachagentur certify your stay abroad also as a work placement. This confirmation is useful for other applications and for the university! With an absolved work placement in New Zealand you make a positive impression and you attract more attention than a normal applicant.

New Zealand Program Details

Working and travelling around New Zealand

  • Period of stay: 1 – 12 month
  • Age: 18 Years – 30 Years
  • Program costs: from 490 €
  • Program start: at any time
  • Financial ressources: 4.200 NZD
  • Job finding service: for 12 month
  • Language course: available on request before your job begins
  • Leisure time: depends on your job and your working hours
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Our twin towns in New Zealand

Our cheap prices for Work and Travel New Zealand (Arrival 2016/2017)

Our packages Included-services Price including 200 € discount
Basic package Without hostel stay 490 €
instead of 690 €
Premium package 2 hostel nights incl. breakfast and airport transfer 620 €
instead of 820 €
Plus package 7 hostel nights incl. breakfast and airport transfer 790 €
instead of 990 €
Farm work Neuseeland 3 hostel nights, airport transfer, one or more jobs on a farm (2 – 8 weeks of work, board and lodge for free, free job service up to 1 year) 780 €
instead of 980 €
Adventure-package-New Zealand 7 day program in the area of Auckland incl. arrival at hostel & workshops, banc account opening & sightseeing tour, Bay of Islands, Maori Village tour, Cape Reinga tour with sandboarding & dune surfing, kayaking, Harura Falls 820 €
instead of 1020 €
Extend your hostel time Optional: Extension of hostel-time (one night incl. breakfast) in Auckland 35 €

We offer you an installment payment (without extra charge), max. 3 rates before your journey begins!


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Our service before your departure

  • Support during your trip
  • Support for applying for the Working-Holiday-Visa New Zealand
  • 24 hour emergency hotline / 24 hour email service
  • Support and advice for the conclusion of a Work and Travel insurance
  • Free offer of our partner STA Travel (planning your round trip or flight route)
  • Support on site with German-speaking partners
  • Consulting for your individual English language course
  • Useful handbook with numerous information on travelling and working in New Zealand
  • Contact to other m3-sprachagentur “Work and Travel” participants

New Zealand impressions

Our services in New Zealand

    • Airport transfer after arrival in New Zealand
    • Hostel stay in Auckland incl. breakfast
    • 12 month assistance to find the right job and accommodation by our partner agency
    • Introductory seminar with useful advices about travelling, working, living and applying in New Zealand
    • Industry based workshops on topics of work, life, travel and job applications
    • Help with applying for a New Zealand tax number, opening a bank account
    • free internet in our partner office
    • 24 hour emergency number
    • Exclusive access to a daily job database in New Zealand (12 month)
    • 12 month membership at YHA (discounts for trips, buses, accommodation, etc.)
    • Postal (up to 12 months) storage in our partner office in Auckland
    • English speaking contact person in different cities
    • free SIM-card
    • free luggage (up to 1 month) storage
    • Discount in over 2000 shops around New Zealand
    • Additional program with tours, excursions etc.
    • M3 Participation certificate upon your return



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Adevnture week


7 days supporting program in the area of Auckland 

Day 1: Upon arrival in New Zealand you will be taken to your YHA-hostel in Auckland free of charge from the airport. You will spend the first nights in a hostel and afterwards you will get your accommodation. Do not expect too much for this day because you will need time to recover from jetlag and to get used to your new home.

Day 2: Today you will visit an introductory seminar, where you will get useful information and tips about New Zealand and your stay. Do not have any idea where to find jobs? How does this work with the doctor’s visits in the country of the kiwifruit or what is to be observed under tax law? Afterwards you have the opportunity to visit a special workshop on the topic of job search in New Zealand. In the evening, a common barbecue dinner is organized for all Work and Travel participants, where you have the opportunity to make new friends.

Day 3: First our partner agency on site will help you to open a bank account. Afterwards our nice partners will take you on a city tour, where you can discover the sights and the most beautiful places in Auckland. Harbour Bridge, The Domain, Mount Eden Volcano… New Zealand’s largest city has much to offer! After the city tour, all participants are cordially invited to end the evening with a pizza night.

Day 4: The program of the day is: Bay of Islands, the picturesque coast in the north of New Zealand! In the former fishing village Paihia, which is now an impressive small town, you will spend the next days. Stroll through the dreamy streets of Paihia, take a walk on the beach or enjoy the fantastic weather of the island. Or how about a beach volleyball or soccer match with your new friends?

Day 5: On the morning of the next day you will be on your way to a nearby Maori village to discover the fascinating culture of New Zealand’s native people. Let yourself be enchanted by the traditional Haka dance of the Maori, with which they have welcomed their visitors for centuries and welcome in their community. Be amazed by the art and carvings that the Maori still make in the old tradition. Also in conversations with the villagers, who are very friendly and hospitable, you will learn a lot about a culture that is little known to us. After the Maori tour, all participants are cordially invited to a burger-Night.

Day 6: We continue northwards! More specifically, you will explore the northernmost point of the entire island, Cape Reinga, on your current trip. This is where the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea, the waters between Australia and New Zealand, converge. It will not surprise you that the landscape of the Cap is one of the most impressive in all of Oceania! You can admire the blue sea, the majestic waves and discover the variety of animals. Besides you can also try exciting sports such as sandboarding or dune surfing. Back in Paihia you will have the opportunity to discover your  talent in kayaking.

Day 7: On the last day of the official program, visit the beautiful Haruru Falls near the town of Paihia. In the Maori language, “Haruru” means “thundering”. The name is program: The horseshoe-shaped waterfall, in which the Waitangi River falls five meters deep, is spectacular. After your excursion you will finally return to Auckland. Even if you have learned a lot about New Zealand and its culture in the last days, have experienced many exciting things and found friends, the biggest adventure is still waiting for you: Your Work & Travel stay!


Prerequisites for your journey in New Zealand

  • Age: between 18 and 30 Years
  • Intermediate to good English skills
  • Your nationality: German (other nationalities by request;
    Recently a limited contingent of Visa is available for Austrian)
  • You have an travel insurance (health-, accident- and personal liability): We support you for the conclusion of a Work and Travel travel insurance
  • You fulfil the prerequisites for a Working-Holiday-Visa in New Zealand

Other impressions

Not included in our program

  • Working-Holiday-Visa New Zealand  (Price 140€)
  • Flight (outward and return flight) to New Zealand: We help you to find a cheap flight
  • Cost for leisture activities /  personal expenditure (public transport, excursions etc.)
  • Costs during your stay for accomodation, food etc.
  • Travel insurance (health-, accident- and personal liability)
  • If necessary vaccination

We can not give you the exact cost of your entire Work and Travel New Zealand. The primary costs are covered as soon as you have paid the program price, the visa application and your insurance package. Foreign insurance can also be paid monthly. The costs on the spot are then made up of the payment for accommodation, food, travel, leisure activities and possibly a language course or supplementary program.

Which acccomodation do you prefere? The offer is large, you can choose between a campervan, a hostel or hotel stay, a shared flat… Also you can select your means of locomotion, do you like to travel with public transport, a tour bus or a hired car?

Take some more money to New Zealand, so that you can try all the wonderful leisure and sport activities like surfing or kayaking. Besides you can visit museums and national parks to learn something about the exciting nature and culture.

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The costs for our Work and Travel program in New Zealand depends on your request. You need support to organize your journey and for applying for the Working Holiday Visa? So than you have to include our program costs. The m3-sprachagentur can offer you special prices because we work together with an international network, which has a lot of experience in this area. As well you have to pay the flight to New Zealand and back to Germany, but we will help you to find the cheapest flight. To get an Visa for New Zealand you need sufficient financial resources: Save enough money before your depature, you never know what will happen, in an emergency it’s important to have financial ressources. Also it gives you the possibility to enjoy the different activities like sandboarding. Apart from the costs, you have to take care about other things like the entry requirement.

Working-Holiday-Visa New Zealand

The people in New Zealand have a lot of experience with young backpackers and they are happy about your help, so they offer a lot of jobs. But if you like to work, a normal Holiday-Visa will not be enough. You have to apply for a special visa at the immigration office. This should be done as early as possible, as the processing time often takes longer, but not earlier than one year in advance. Otherwise it will not be valid on your departure. Your Working-Holiday-Visa is valid 12 month from the date of entry and you can enter and leave the country as often as you want from the time of first entry with a visa.


Prerequests for a Working-Holiday-Visa in New Zealand

You have to apply online and afterwards the immigration office issue the visa. Normally you get the Working-Holiday-Visa some days later.

  • Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years old
  • Sufficient financial resources (4.200 New Zealand dollars)
  • German nationality and valid passport (other nationalities by request)
  • Police certificate without entries
  • Intermediate to good English skills
  • Return ticket or enough money for it
  • Travel insurance


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Jobs in New Zealand

Work and Travel gives you the opportunity to finance a part or your whole journey. The areas where jobs are available are diverse. A lot of travellers like to work on plantations or farms. The jobs there are seasonal, but quite well paid. Gastronomy and tourism are also popular among young women, working on construction among men. Certain prerequisites are usually not required for jobs, as a rule good English skills are sufficient.

An exciting adventure far away from home

If you risk the adventure „Work and Travel in New Zealand“, you will not be disappointed. New Zealand offers fantastic landscapes, interesting jobs and you will get new friends from all over the world. Beside you will collect new experiences, you will test your limits and bring a lot of stories home. You will go through new situations and your stay abroad will leave their indelible mark on you.

You prefere the United States or Australia? Than take a look on our other programs like Work and Travel United States/ Australia or Canada, there you can also improve your french skills. You don’t want or you don’t have the time to travel around the world? Than we recommend you Work and Travel in Great Britain.

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